Company Profile

At GUNAY CONSTRUCTION , it is fundamental that the projects are performed loyal to the contract, legal regulations and the requirements of the employer and delivered in timely manner as defined in the contracts.

The fundamental characteristics which distinguish the GUNAY CONSTRUCTION from the other contracting companies is that; the discovering of the deficiencies which can only be observed by a design and application experienced/knowledgeable contractor and the notification of the customer about these, taking the necessary precautionary measurements prior to problem development and informing the customer about the related costs of the precautionary measurements.

In order to continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System, performance indicators of the processes, which have determining role on the quality of the products and services offered to the employer, will be determined, measurable targets are set and progressions are monitored.

The GUNAY CONSTRUCTION employees, in order to implement these policies in the activities of their responsibility areas;

Will keep the GUNAY CONSTRUCTION name and the compliance with the provisions of the contract drafted with the employer, in forefront,

  • Will have the consciousness about their responsibilities and when necessary will use their own initiatives.,
  • Will not give any promises on any matter she/she cannot be solve and to the other GUNAY Personnel, and definitely will keep any promises given,
  • Will share his/her available knowledge and experiences with the GUNAY CONSTRUCTION employees and will display necessary sensitivity to comply with the policies.